SCALEA airport

... by plane ...on holiday
in the sea or in the mountains
to enjoy relaxation and hospitality
in a land full of pleasures and entertainment.

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(Airport Informations)

The PPR is not mandatory, but it is recommended.
WEATHER conditions and approach AUTHORIZATION via radio (128.450MHZ).


Sviluppa su oltre 40 ettari di superfice, l' aeroporto vi offre una pista di 2.000mt ed un parcheggio di oltre 40.000mq. L' avvicinamento dal mare regala una vista mozzafiato delle montagne circostanti.  Il nostro servizio a terra √® pronto ad assistervi in ogni vostra esigenze e richiesta.  Il territorio circostante  vi offre molteplici possibilit√† di soggiornare al mare od in montagna, regalandovi momenti di assoluto relax ed evasione durante tutto l' anno.


If you have to choose a MAINTENANCE SHOP, you can do it at the Scalea Airport: specialized companies (ENAC certified) will take care of your aircraft / helicopter, with the necessary experience, at low costs and short times. The "LINE MAINTENANCE" services guarantee the necessary operations for aircraft in transit, ensuring full and total technical assistance for scheduled and scheduled flights.